Top Chrome Extensions Every Salesforce Admin Needs

Most Salesforce admins have a list of favorite Google Chrome extensions they use to make their work just a little easier.

Since I’m all about being as productive as I can possibly be, these are my top picks of the ones I regularly use to add just a tiny bit of time back into my day.

  • Salesforce Admin Check All – Have a long list of fields to check in a profile to enable visibility and/or edit-ability? This one is a total life (and time) saver.
  • Salesforce Change Set Assistant – Why the functionality this extension adds to building change sets is not native I’ll never know, but it makes creating those change sets with hundreds of items a heck of a lot faster.
  • Schema Builder Expander – Want more room to work in schema builder when using a smaller screen? This extension hides the wasted header space so you see more on the canvas.
  • Id Clipper – Just like the name says, clip any Id of any record you’re on, including RecoryTypeId, ProfileId, and RoleId. I use this one at least 10 times a day.
  • ColumnCopy – I use this to build quick lists of fields from objects in order to share their API names for integrations, to make spreadsheets of elements in a change set, and anywhere else I want a copy of the html table I’m viewing. Works outside of Salesforce too.
  • Quick Login As – As an admin, I have to login as users all the time to help troubleshoot their issues. I love being able to do it from the menu bar instead of slogging my way into the Setup area.
  • Sandbox Favicon Extension – I spend most of my day working in sandboxes creating new solutions. When a user calls for support, I have to jump into production to help them out. This extension prevents me from making changes in the wrong org once I’m done helping them out.
  • Salesforce1 Simulator – When you want to show off what Salesforce1 looks like, or troubleshoot a mobile issue, this one’s the bomb. I’ve impressed more than one C-level exec with this. There’s a sandbox version too.

These Chrome extensions save me at least a couple of hours a week, if not more — not to mention reducing the likelihood of a mistake, which is even more costly.

What extensions do you use to make your Salesforce admin life better?

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